What is Yr Awr Gymraeg/The Welsh Hour?

About US

"Yr Awr Gymraeg" - The Welsh Hour - started as a Twitter hour back in November 2012, sharing Welsh language marketing and promotional tweets that used the #YrAwrGymraeg hashtag every Wednesday at 8pm.

Yr Awr Gymraeg has evolved since then with the #YrAwrGymraeg hashtag being abbreviated to #yagym and the Twitter account sharing promotional messages every day of the week, every day of the year.

The #yagym hashtag now reaches over 700,000 Twitter accounts each week and the @YrAwrGymraeg on Twitter has over 14,000 followers.

Interesting facts
"Yr Awr Gymraeg's" weekly reach on Twitter via the #yagym hashtag.
54 %
The percentage of people who want to see video content from your brand or business.
1200 %
The percentage videos are shared over messages that combine images and text.
95 %
The percentage individuals remember from a video message compared to the 10% for a text only message.

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